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3-pack half-pound reese's cups
Credit: @foodiewiththebeasts

If you were to make a list of the sweet flavors that define the holiday season, you probably wouldn't rank peanut butter and chocolate ahead of peppermint or gingerbread— no matter how great your peanut butter blossoms may be. Don't tell that to Reese's, though, because they seem to be going all-out to make a case that their candy belongs under the Christmas tree. 

Not only can you get your sticky fingers on a giant one-pound Santa made out of Reese's, but a recent Sam's Club find suggests you can also gift a hefty version of the candy in its more traditional shape as well. 

Based on that documentation from @FoodieWithTheBeasts, Reese's has put out some half-pound versions of its Peanut Butter Cups perfect for overdoing it this holiday season. Each box contains three such behemoths, granting you the opportunity to bestow half a pound of chocolate to three people or a full pound and a half to a very special someone. 

Though you still have plenty of time to get your act together, the packaging here also seems tailor made for those gift procrastinators who truly wait until the last second. Featuring imagery of an oversized Reese's wrapped in a festive bow and providing a convenient "to" and "from" spot right on the packaging, you could theoretically acquire these mega Reese's cups on December 25 and be good to go. 

So if you know someone who eats whatever candy's in their stocking within minutes, gifting these Reese's Cups should prove a worthy challenge for them. Just make sure they've got some milk on hand (and a dentist on standby), because it'll probably take a Christmas miracle to eat half a pound of chocolate and peanut butter in one sitting without either passing out or ascending to a higher plane of existence.