8 Surprising Foods Sam's Club Will Sell You From Behind the Counter

Take home your favorites from the bakery, deli, and snack bar.

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Love pizza and cake from Sam's Club but want to make them yourself at home? Need cookies and frosting for a birthday party? Look no further than behind the counter when you check out bulk baked goods, frostings, fillings, and doughs at your favorite warehouse store.

Sam's Club will sell you frozen or refrigerated bulk versions of their prepared baked goods. Parbaked or frozen, these items are ready for you to make on your own time. Ask at the bakery or deli counter to see what is offered at your specific store and check out these options listed below:

Deli Dough

Making pizza at home is easier when using a few pre-made ingredients. Sam's Club features Take and Bake Pizza Blanks, Take and Bake Pizza Crusts, toppings, and sauce. All you'll need to provide is the cheese and veggies for a fun at-home pizza night.

Infinite Icing

If the frosting is your favorite part of cakes, then you're in luck. Sam's Club carries a variety of mammoth buckets of frostings and icing like thirty pounds of Member's Mark Cream Cheese Icing or pounds of Sam's Chocolate Buttercreme. Now you can add as much frosting as your heart desires, and use it to custom decorate birthday cakes.

Parbaked Pretzels

Love the warehouse snack bar options but aren't planning a shopping trip? When you don't want to deal with dough but still want to bake and snack, check out parbaked options like sweet dough baked pretzels at Sam's Club. These are the same pretzels you enjoy after pushing a cart full of bottled water and snacks to the front of the store. Make them salty or sweet with the included toppings of salt and cinnamon sugar. In three to five minutes, you can have a warm pretzel at home too!

Cost-Less Cookie Dough

If the smell of baking cookies draws you back to the Sam's Club bakery, you can have that sweet aroma at home too. It's as easy as requesting boxes of uncooked, frozen cookies. Keep some on hand in your freezer to make for yourself or serve as a school or sports team snack. Whether you like white chocolate macadamia nut, chocolate chunk, or oatmeal raisin, having ready-to-bake cookies is a sweet deal, saving you time and money.

Breakfast Baking

Making breakfast for a crowd or want to meal plan for busy mornings? Look no further than the Sam's Club danish twists with complimentary danish icing. If danishes aren't your deal, try some blueberry muffins instead. There's enough for a study group, book club, or work meeting.

Custom Cakes

Whether you make celebration cakes or plan on having your own at-home bake-off, using pre-made, ready-to-frost cakes is a great option. Options include a half-sheet white, 8-inch white cake layers, half-sheet chocolate, uniced white cupcakes, and even 10-inch pre-soaked cake. You can take home the taste of a Sam's Club cake and make it your own with frosting and decorations.

On a Roll

Are you a big fan of rolls? Then you'll be thrilled to buy Sam's Club's 288-count pack of yeast dinner rolls. Asking the bakery staff for your bread order may require a new cart but will also bring home the option of making warm, yeasty dinner rolls whenever you want.

Twisty Treats

There's just something about a Sam's Club churro that can't be beat. Take that snack bar experience home with a frozen bulk container of Member's Mark double twisted churros. Serve them up on Taco Tuesday or as a Saturday afternoon snack. The box even comes with sleeves to put them in, how fun is that?

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