This might just be the most British cereal of all time.
Frosted wheat cereal
Credit: EuToch

Because the world collectively decided at some point that Thanksgiving just isn't a super marketable holiday, we're fast approaching the point in the year when all sorts of Christmas goodies start appearing on the shelves. That often includes holiday-themed breakfast cereals, which can often emphasize a festive shape just as much as a unique, seasonal taste. 

Over in the UK, though, it would seem that they're operating on a higher plane of existence when it comes to holiday cereals. At least if a recently-spotted mincemeat pie-flavored offering from Sainsbury's is any indication. 

For those who aren't sufficiently British, what you're looking at seems to be little pockets of wheat filled with the classic tastes and ingredients of a mince pie. What's that? Usually, mincemeat is a mixture of dried fruits like raisins accompanied by spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon. Though meat sometimes enters into the equation, you'll be relieved to know that this Sainsbury's cereal is made to taste sweet without the meat. 

Given that they're made by Sainsbury's, a big-time UK supermarket chain, it's unlikely that this particular holiday offering will cross the pond. If that registers as disappointing news, just know that it is entirely possible to make mince/mincemeat pie yourself, and that—again—it totally doesn't have to include any form of meat if you don't want it to. 

So unless you have someone willing to mail you a box of cereal (good luck), maybe just take a cue from TikTok and put tiny little mince pies in a bowl of cereal to approximate this very British breakfast over here in the states. After all, you'll probably have a lot of time to kill between now and Christmas, so why not try something new. I just hope American cereal makers take a page out of Sainsbury's book and step up their game.