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We're about a month away from getting Easter candy. But given that we've all spent the past year eating chocolate and any number of other comforting, tasty snacks, it feels like the usual chocolate Easter bunny may not be enough to excite us like it used to. 

Perhaps sensing that we're in need of something a little more dippable and decadent this spring, Russell Stover, known for many a chocolate bunny, has introduced the Dip-It Rabbit. How does a dip come into play, you ask? Well, this milk chocolate rabbit comes complete with an included Jif To Go cup of peanut butter, perfect for creating a sort of DIY Reese's-style Easter candy. 

russel stover dip-it rabbit with jif
Credit: Russell Stover

While these sorts of hollow chocolate bunnies are usually easy enough to break into more bite-sized pieces with bare hands and (a very small amount of) brute strength, the Dip-It Rabbit makes things even easier by portioning the rabbit into six distinct segments, making for a somewhat morbid dissection of a chocolate animal. Given that each of the six segments would likely correlate with one of the six ounces of chocolate that make up the bunny as a whole, though, this approach at  least makes it easier to share the Dip-It Rabbit a little more equitably. 

Given that we're already well into Lent, you'll unsurprisingly see the Dip-It Rabbit hopping its way to nationwide retailers like Target. Pair it with some scented grass and you're well on your way to an Easter basket for the ages.