Rosemary: An Herb To Remember

How to Use, Buy, Chop, and Grow Rosemary

This pine-flavored herb adds earthy flavor to lamb, pork, chicken, and potatoes.

Should I Use Fresh or Dry Rosemary?

You pick! Fresh and dried rosemary have almost the same flavor. For anything you're going to roast or simmer for a long time, dried rosemary will work fine. For something you aren't going to cook (like a marinade) you might want to use fresh.


When Can I Get the Freshest Rosemary?

Anytime. Rosemary is a hardy shrub, and where it grows, it's evergreen.

How Do I Use Rosemary?

Add dried rosemary to hearty soups, sauces, and stews, or sprinkle it on anything you plan to roast. Fresh rosemary is terrific sprinkled over pasta or pizza. Rosemary has a pretty intense flavor, so you don't need to use much.

How Do I Chop Fresh Rosemary?

Strip the leaves by pinching the end of the sprig with your thumb and forefinger and pushing down to the end. You can then pick the smaller leaves from the top. Gather the leaves in a pile and chop.

How Do I Grow Rosemary?

Most gardeners start with plants or cuttings. Rosemary doesn't need much attention once it gets going, it needs minimal water and can get by on less-than-full sunshine. However, rosemary can only stay outside year-round in warm or moderate climates. Ask the friendly folks at your local garden store for tips on how to grow rosemary in your area.

Rosemary Recipes

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