The new snack launches with two flavors, Cheddar and Four Cheese & Herbs.
Ritz Cheese Crispers
| Credit: Ritz

Ritz is beloved for their buttery, round crackers, but that's not the only snack they hope you'll adore them for. Indeed, the brand just launched a new thin, crispy cracker that makes eating cheese and crackers even easier.

That's because these brand-new crackers, Ritz Cheese Crispers, have the cheese already in the cracker. Want more cheesiness? You could certainly grab a square of cheddar or gouda if you want to double up on the cheesy goodness. We would totally add another layer of cheese, but that's because you can never really get enough cheese, right?

Made with real, rich cheese, the Crispers will give you all the savory flavor you're looking for and with a thin, flaky texture for some crunch in every bite. You can literally see the cheese in the cracker!

These new crackers are available in two deliciously bold flavors — Cheddar and Four Cheese & Herb — and the new Ritz Cheese Crispers pair perfectly with all of your favorite snacking foods and Netflix picks, for those binge watching TV days and WFH snack breaks.

You can snag a bag online and at all major retailer locations nationwide with a retail price of $3.62. So, make sure to pack one in your next picnic basket or beach bag for those days on the go and in your home cabinet for when that munching urge strikes.

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