Set your alarm to order a few pints before they sell out.
a pint of coolhaus Ritz ice cream on a two-tone orange background
Credit: Coolhaus

Somehow, Ritz Crackers have never done an official ice cream collaboration before, which is shocking, since their buttery, salty flavor makes perfect sense as a counterpoint to a sweet, creamy dessert. But Ritz fans will be ice cream-less no more.

Starting September 9, they're teaming up with Coolhaus Awesome Ice Cream, a company known for creative, chunky flavors like Milkshake & Fries, Dirty Mint Chip, and Street Cart Churro Dough. 

The partnership resulted in Crackers & Cream, a rich, peanut butter ice cream base shot through with a crispy Ritz Cracker swirl. So basically, it's an ice cream flavor inspired by peanut butter crackers, a classic after-school snack sure to transport you back to your elementary school days.

The new flavor will be available online at Cool.Haus starting September 9, while supplies last. While you're shopping, we recommend adding a six-pack of Coolhaus ice cream sammies to your cart and a few other pints. Maybe Cereal Dreams and Take the Cannoli? Happy snacking!

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