Is this a dream come true?

A big game is never complete without an array of snacks (chips, dips, jerky sticks, wings — you name it!), but it can be a pain to have to get up from the couch throughout the game and miss some awesome plays in order to grab your favorite snacks or refill your beverage in the kitchen.

The solution? A "hunger harness," which you can wear around your neck and on your body during the game. Stock it with your favorite goodies for all your game day snacking pleasure, and you won't have to get up for anything. No missing great plays! No losing your seat! No excuses!

Reynolds Wrap Hunger Harness Close Up Option 4
Credit: Reynolds Wrap

Reynolds Wrap is selling limited-edition Hunger Harnesses to make your game day experience way better. Get this — the harness holds your entire food spread and even provides some handy cleanup pouches with napkins and a trashcan.

The Hunger Harness has a bunch of other essentials, too: a thermal pouch to make sure your sandwiches and wings stay piping hot, a food tray that holds your favorite eats (so basically you've become a table yourself), a thermal drink holder to store your booze or soda, and an insulated dip holder.

Plus, there are more NEW features (this is the second year of the harness, so there are some improvements). You can expect:

  • A built-in paper towel holder to keep your hands and workspace clean.
  • A small trashcan for foods like wings (where you discard the bones), as well as other things like napkins and bottle tops from your beers.
  • An integrated straw that runs through the harness itself so you can sip on your favorite drinks hands-free.
  • A detachable neck pillow to let you lay down and recover from that "food coma" with a quick nap or for when you might need to look away during bad calls or disappointing plays.
  • An easily accessible cell phone pouch so it's on hand for when you need to quickly text your buddy about a major play.

You can snag one Hunger Harness for $3.99 (the same price as Reynolds Wrap) at, but it's on a first come, first served basis with a limit of one per customer, so act fast.

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