Mountain Dew Freeze will replace Coke Freeze in over 500 theaters.

Earlier this month, Regal Theatres announced a brand-new partnership with beverage brand PepsiCo. The cinema house will now be serving up all your favorite PepsiCo drinks and snacks for 2020 and forward.

More than 7,000 theaters will get rid of Coca-Cola products, such as Diet Coke and Sprite, and begin sell Pepsi favorites, like Pepsi and Diet Pepsi, as well as a few others like Pepsi Zero Sugar, Mountain Dew, Lifewater, bubly sparkling water, Pure Leaf Tea, and AMP Game Fuel.

What's more, Dew Nation can now rejoice, as Mountain Dew will become a staple drink in the theaters to make your viewing experience even better. Both Mountain Dew and Mountain Dew Freeze will head to over 500 Regal Theatre locations by the spring of 2020.

Plus, you can sip on your Dew while noshing on some yummy snacks from PepsiCo brand, which will also be available at Regal Theatres to make 4DX and AR experiences even more thrilling. These include snacks like Cheetos Popcorn and Doritos Nachos, which are currently sold at several locations. These new culinary and beverage creations will do wonders for making the movie seem even better. (Even if, you know, you're seeing a movie that'll score eight percent on Rotten Tomatoes.)