They just broke Snickers' two-week old record.

You might be ticking down the hours to kickoff between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, but the grandest competition of this weekend is already over — and it was quite sweet.

Reese’s Take 5 breaks the Guinness World Record title for largest chocolate nut bar weighing in at 5,943 pounds on Friday, Jan 31, 2020 in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The record-breaking bar was created in just 5 days, and mirrors the classic Reese’s Take 5 bar with a delicious combination of five layers – Reese’s peanut butter, chocolate, caramel, peanuts and pretzels.(Mark Stehle/AP Images for Hershey)
Credit: Hershey's

Reese's Take 5 took down Snickers in a chocolaty tete-a-tete: They wrestled the Guinness World Record for the largest chocolate and nut bar (and pretzels, caramel, and peanut butter, too) from the peanuts-and-chocolate bar brand, a record Snickers had held for just two weeks. At more than 5,940 pounds, the bar beat the Snickers record by 1,215 pounds. In total, it was 9 feet long by 5.5 feet wide and 2 feet high. (Save a slice!)

Thursday, Jan.30, 2020 in Hershey, Pa. (Mark Stehle/AP Images for Hershey)
Credit: Hershey's

The oversized candy bar gimmick kicks off a big Super Bowl weekend for the PB-and-chocolate powerhouse, when for the first time ever, Reese's will premiere a new ad for the Reese's Take 5. You can snag a sneak peek for the first 45-second teaser of the Reese's creation now, but you'll need to wait a bit longer until the game day itself and be on the lookout for the final 30-second spot, which will run during the third quarter of the game. Oh, the anticipation, right? We cannot wait to see the full thing live!

"The Reese's team believes records, even those just a few weeks old, are meant to be broken," said Veronic Villasenor, senior director of Reese's brand. "You might not have been familiar with Reese's Take 5 before, but now, the bar will becomes your newest obsession."

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