Reese's Made a Remote-Controlled Door to Give Out Candy This Halloween

Not just any candy: KING-SIZED candy.

reeses trick or treating door dispenses candy
Photo: Reese's

With Halloween now a matter of days away, a lot of folks are scrambling to figure out how to replace conventional trick-or-treating with something that's a bit pandemic-friendlier than the hand-to-hand distribution of candy to strangers. There are an ever-increasing number of ingenious alternatives to add a little social distancing, including candy chutes and cannons.

But none of them can hold a proverbial candle to Reese's remote-controlled door.

Yes, you read that correctly. In order to spread a little Halloween cheer this October, the peanut butter cup brand somehow developed a roving, remote-controlled door that'll travel from neighborhood to neighborhood dispensing candy. And not your pitiful "fun-sized" candy either, but king-sized Reese's candy bars.

As you might imagine, the door isn't exactly subtle. Its arrival will be presaged by smoke, lights, and what a press release calls an "epic Halloween soundtrack," popping up to deliver king-sized candy through the mail slot once the built-in Bluetooth speaker hears you say "trick or treat." The remote control has a 5,000-foot range, which will definitely ensure that you're more than six feet away from anyone when you get your candy.

If you think about it, the idea of a door coming to you is kind of the opposite of traditional trick-or-treating, but in this strange, upside-down year, it's just about crazy enough to work.

At the moment, there's no indication as to where the door will show up. Are there a fleet of doors across the country? Will the door be using the interstate to get from house to house? Who knows! Still, the idea that some entity will be potentially showing up at your door to give you candy is just the kind of twist on Halloween we need as this bummer of a year winds down.

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