Breaking this Easter egg is encouraged.
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Reese's Pieces Shake and Break Eggs
Credit: Reese's

Reese's Pieces new Shake & Break chocolate eggs are giving chocolate lovers a fun new way to get interactive with candy before biting into a delicious chocolate treat. This new candy, which is out now in time for Easter, is just as rewarding to play with as it is to eat, and the game of breaking the egg open will make the anticipation of the candy even stronger.

Break it open, you ask? That's right — you get to shake and break and then bite, crack, or crush the milk chocolate shell that holds the handful of Reese's Pieces and let them all fall out. In other words, you're cracking a chocolate egg to get at the tasty Reese's Pieces inside — and then you can of course eat the shell itself, too. Double the fun!

Reese's Pieces Eggs cracked open to show the Pieces inside the chocolate shell
Credit: Target

You'll find the new Reese's Pieces Shake & Break at major retailers nationwide for a price of $1.69 for individual-sized 1.2-ounce servings. (Target has them now for $1.49 each., and in some locations, you can buy three and get one free if you select same-day delivery or order pickup. Walmart has them for $1.34.) We've also spotted large plastic eggs filled with the Shake & Break eggs at Costco.

Watch for more fun chocolate innovations as Reese's and Hershey's begins rolling out their Easter candies. We'll be sure to report back any delicious finds we discover.

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