I have been on a major peanut butter cup kick for about the last month, and I've never not been on a majorly major coffee kick, so when I saw this picture of Reese's-flavored coffee creamer spotted at a Walmart, my heart went pitter-patter.

Be warned that Junkbanter, the Instagrammer who posted the picture, wasn't the one to actually see the product. And no official announcement has been made on the internets about this as an official product launch. So, was this a mirage or could it really be true? I'm optimistic.

I mean, this is how it works now, right? They slyly nudge some test products into the marketplace, wait for it to be discovered, gauge interest (i.e. the number of regrams), and then go from there. Well, we are interested. We are very, very interested, so whaddya think about fast-tracking this stuff? Ideally to my apartment, but I'll settle for a nearby grocery store.

Alas, we must wait…but while we wait, maybe we could make some of these Homemade Peanut Butter Cups to dip in our morning coffee??