Reese's Is Selling a Giant One-Pound Peanut Butter and Chocolate Santa

Ho ho holy crap is this thing huge.

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it's a santa-shaped reese's cup that weighs a pound
Photo: Walmart

With a pandemic still going, there's a lot to worry about this holiday season. How is Black Friday going to work? How many relatives will be around? But most importantly, how will Santa complete his annual deliveries without potentially exposing himself to Covid-19?

I don't know if we'll ever get an answer for that last question, but the good news is that at least Reese's is blessing us with a giant peanut butter and chocolate Santa to chew on between now and December 25.

As spotted at Walmart by @FamilyFoodDude and confirmed via product listing, this whopping giant bar of peanut butter and chocolate depicts ol' Kris Kringle trying to shimmy his way down a chimney to deliver his payload of Christmas cheer. While you may have seen comparatively slimmer Reese's Santas in years past, jolly ol' St. Nick is tipping the scales at one whole pound of peanut butter and chocolate in this particular case.

As you might imagine when it comes to a literal pound of Christmas candy, there's a lot to love about this thing. It's so exquisitely detailed, it's a shame that you'll have to take a bite of this thing. If not for the fact that you can't easily store a giant chocolate bar in your crawlspace for 11 months without creating a whole host of problems, this could almost function as a component of your holiday decorations.

Alas, your best option is to gift this chocolatey Santa to any Reese's lovers you know. It's the perfect stocking stuffer, especially in the sense that it could fill most stockings by itself. And at $11, you could even get away with giving this Santa as a, well, Secret Santa gift if you felt like it.

So should you find yourself wanting to spread some chocolate and peanut butter-flavored Christmas cheer, you'll find this Reese's Santa exclusively at Walmart. Just be sure to share it with someone special, because keeping this sort of thing to yourself is a surefire way to wind up on the naughty list.

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