By Kimberly Holland

Is that a bell? Or a snowman?

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Reese's has faced their fare share of "criticism" over the candy brand's holiday shapes — or lack of. Their holiday tree candies struggle to be very tree-shaped. The Halloween pumpkins are mostly just an oval, which is pumpkin-esque at least. Even their egg-shaped candies are a little lackluster when it comes to proper egg tapering.

In years past, Reese's has taken the shape hate in stride, launching a clever social media campaign to embrace the many shapes their holiday candies come in. "All trees are beautiful," a social media post from 2015 said. A Reese's blob-like "tree" stood in front of a mirror, seeing a reflection of a shapely evergreen.

Now, however, they're just embracing the ambiguous shape reputation with the launch of their newest holiday candy: Reese's Mystery Shapes. The name alone is a little tongue-in-cheek, but when you see the actual "shapes," you know the creators are having as much fun as we are.

Photo: Reese's

The Reese's Mystery Shapes come in three, er, formations. Honestly, your guess is as good as ours. One appears to be the shape of a stocking, with a distinctive "J" hook. The second, in our opinion, looks like a snowman or gingerbread man. The third is indiscernible. Walgreens, one of the retailers selling the Mystery Shapes early, shows images of a stocking, jingle bell, and ornament.

All this chocolaty conjecture means one thing: you'll have to open a few packages to decide if you agree — and eat as many candies as it takes to make certain you know the shapes Reese's is making.

Photo: Walgreens

Instagram food guru @CandyHunting says these new shapes — whatever they ultimately are — are the first new holiday shapes in 20 years. They're limited-edition, of course, as they'll only be around through the holidays. But they're already hitting shelves now. Both Walmart and Walgreens have the Mystery Shapes available now, for $3 to $5. But if you'd rather begin your shape hunting sooner, check store shelves. The Reese's holiday candies are popping up now.

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