The taste of a Peep, now with peanut butter and chocolate.
reese's mallow tops on orange background
Credit: @Candyhunting via Instagram

In terms of the annual calendar's rhythms, the period from October through December is a fairly big time for candy. Between Halloween and the holidays, there are plenty of excuses to indulge in chocolate and sugary candies of all kinds in an effort to end the year on a sweet note. 

With that said, Easter certainly deserves some attention on the candy calendar, and a new Reese's variant making the rounds shows exactly why. That's thanks to their upcoming Mallow-Top Peanut Butter Cups, spotted by @CandyHuting on Walmart's website. 

As the name suggests, this Reese's variant places a marshmallow-flavored white creme above a milk chocolate base, functioning (visually, at least) as a sort of black and white cookie divided vertically rather than down the middle. By combining the taste profile of marshmallow alongside chocolate (and, of course, peanut butter), these Mallow Top Reese's combine the two signature tastes of Easter into a single package. 

This isn't the first time that Reese's has experimented with the integration of Marshmallow, either. Back in 2007, Hershey introduced Reese's Marshmallow, which added a layer of the stuff into the filling. However, it didn't stick around for all that long. 

On that note, it's unclear if this would be a one-time product offering for 2021 or if it will return each spring, similar to those egg-shaped Reese's treats that pop up every March. Either way, Peeps are about to have a bit more competition for Easter basket space than they used to.