Reddit Came Up With a Super Easy Way to Freeze and Store Soup

Desperate times call for desperate and brilliant measures.

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The winter solstice has arrived, heralding the true arrival of soup and chili season. Truly, there's nothing quite like firing up the Crock Pot on a cold winter's day and producing a bunch of soup. But as everyone who didn't polish off the whole Crock Pot in one sitting knows, those leftovers can take up a lot of space in the fridge.

One solution (though maybe not necessarily the best solution) to this age-old dilemma comes from Reddit, the home of untested and unorthodox kitchen hacks like the chicken nugget parm. Over on the Food Hacks subreddit, u/nfhii had the, uh, inspired idea to freeze individual servings of soup with a little help from some scissors and a whole bunch of red solo cups.

There's no explanation beyond the post title's brusque command to
"Freeze portions of soup," but it seems like the process can be inferred by studying the photos. First, it looks like you take your soup or other hearty, broth-based meal, and pour it out into plastic cups, making a point to fill things up halfway (though ultimately you're in charge of the portions here). From there, it would seem you jam these cups in the freezer. Once you have a solid block of soup, you cut the soup(?!) out of the solo cup and jam it all in a Ziploc bag before presumably shoving it back in the freezer.

While this method doesn't not work, there's plenty of room for questions and concerns. For example, the thread's top comment suggests using silicone baking cups instead of solo cups, if only as a way to sidestep the single-use plastic. There seem to be dedicated products out there like silicone souper cubes that might be worth investing in if you plan to regularly freeze and reheat portions of soup, so it may be worth investing in one of those to avoid this whole dilemma entirely.

chicken vegetable soup in a white bowl
France C

Beyond the environmental quandary, there's a greater question: Does this technique actually save any space? It's unclear. If anything, it seems like the purpose of this hack is to help those who might otherwise be unprepared to freeze a ton of soup, giving them a way out of their quandary if they lack the right equipment.

Still, there's little doubt that this winter will find us all with more soup than we know what to do with at one point or another. May this Redditor's bold exploration to the outer limits of soup storage help you if you need it.

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