The prizes include a bag full of Red Vines swag.
Peace Love Red Vines
Credit: Red Vines

Stuck inside your home and bored out of your mind? We are, too. Don't worry though — you can now take part in a fun contest with the American Licorice Company. You can even give back to charity and maybe win some money for yourself too with your prize drawing.

American Licorice Company, who are the creators of classic Red Vines licorice, launched the Peace, Love, and Vines drawing contest on National Licorice Day. In celebration, you will want to grab your favorite licorice and download a template from their website and submit. Take some time to think out your sketch, perfect it, and then submit it to the contest through mail or email. The winner will be announced on July 15.

The prizes are pretty cool too! Here they are:

  • First place: One winner from each age group will receive a prize pack and $2,500; half of that money will go to the winner and the other half will be donated to a charity that they select from among five different options that American Licorice Company has put in place.
  • Second place: One winner from each group will receive a prize pack and $200 total.
  • Third place: One winner from each group will receive a prize pack and $100 total.

The five selected charities are St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, American Cancer Society, Disabled American Veterans, World Wildlife Fund, or Habitat for Humanity.

The winning artwork will be featured on the inside tray of a Red Vines candy package. But even if you don't end up with cash in your pocket and a licorice tray to frame, this is the perfect activity to stay active and busy when stuck at home. Think of it as a great way to have in the day to pass the time — and you are doing something good for others in need at the same time, too!

Read the full rules for the competition, and download the template from Red Vines here.