November 18, 2016

Anne of Green Gables is one of those shows that's nearly impossible for me to not watch if I happen upon it while flipping through the channels. I've lost track of how many times I've seen the original mini-series since its 1985 debut--it's in the double-digits for sure--but PBS's announcement of a new Anne of Green Gables movie premiering Thanksgiving night has me jonesing for yet another binge-watching session. And I'm thinking I might need some snacks.
So whether you're planning an old-school viewing of your own, or looking forward gathering your Thanksgiving guests around the television, post-turkey feast, I've rounded up some Anne-with-an-"E"-inspired recipes to put you in an Avonlea state of mind.


It's Tea Party Time

In Avonlea, anytime is tea time! Have your own Anne of Green Gables-inspired gathering with some of these top-rated recipes.

spring lime tea cookies
Credit: sweetserenade

Hey, Carrots!

Gilbert's first encounter with Anne was when she slammed a slate (i.e. a small chalkboard) over his head after he teased her about her carrot-colored locks. Tense time, it was. Cupcakes to the rescue!


Plum Pudding

When Anne forgets to put a cloth over the plum pudding sauce at night and finds a mouse in it the next day, she can't bring herself to tell Marilla. That is, until Miss Stacy is a millisecond away from taking her first bite! All Miss Stacy ended up getting for dessert was a good scare. Since plum pudding doesn't sound that appetizing to me, how about some plum cake instead?


Twenty Pounds of Brown Sugar

Matthew goes to the general store with one goal: to buy the dress with the puffy sleeves that Anne is in love with. But he's a bit shy and can't bring himself to ask the saleswoman for it. So, as a stall tactic, he ends up buying a few random items including twenty pounds of brown sugar. Twenty. Pounds. Here's one way to make delicious use of that sweet loot.

brown sugar banana nut bread i

Something to Drink?

Poor Anne. She was so excited to have her "bosom friend" Diana over for some delicious eats and raspberry cordial, but ended up getting Diana sloppy drunk on what turned out to be currant wine. Both sound delicious to me, so pick your poison.

old-fashioned sweedish glog

Imagine, if You Will...

Anne is very fond of using her imagination, and encourages others to do the same. Diana goes big when she says, "I wish I were rich, and I could spend the whole summer at a hotel, eating ice cream and chicken salad." Well, the hotel I can't help with, but I've got the ice cream and chicken salad covered.

fruity curry chicken salad