Recipe For The Perfect Seasonal Tablescape

'Tis the season—the season for celebration in all shapes and sizes that is. And from Thanksgiving gatherings to holiday-inspired weddings, sometimes the trickiest part of hosting a party yourself is the simple act of setting the table. With inspiration sources abounding, it can be easy to get caught up in feeling like you need the biggest or the best display (really, Pinterest, how could we not?), but in reality the simplest of touches can make a huge difference without breaking the bank – or your sugar cookie-fueled emotional stability. Here are five tips to keep in mind when you're putting together your table décor.

1. Have a theme

This one can be as easy as "Christmas" or as complicated as "rustic heritage farm décor." The best part is that because you're choosing the theme yourself, the project will be as large or as small as you want it to be. Really. This is your party, you can handmake décor (or purchase everything pre-assembled) if you want to.

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2. Remember the season

In winter, beautiful table décor can be as straightforward as evergreen branches or bright berries placed in vases. By taking notes on the look and feel of the season in which you're celebrating, you'll find yourself discovering inspiration everywhere as well as picking up visual clues on which colors and textures are a good fit.

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3. Take the road less traveled

Opt for autumn leaves instead of traditional flowers, or flannel instead of linen. When you incorporate unique, slightly offbeat touches into your tablescape you have the opportunity to personalize details while creating eye-catching arrangements.

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4. Take a realistic approach to DIY

When it comes to hosting parties, we all like to dream big. Personalized place settings, handcrafted floral arrangements, one of a kind menus...and all the behind the scenes work of preparing a meal, too. DIY is a fun way to infuse your décor with your own personality, but make sure you give yourself the time and resources you need to complete projects. If a DIY is adding any speck of stress to your planning, it isn't worth it.

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5. Go with levels

If you find yourself with a table display that isn't quite clicking, mix it up by adding levels. Different heights will not only allow you to fit more on your table, they'll instantly create visual interest.

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Now all you need is a killer party menu.

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