This couple met for the first time and then cooked a full meal together. We smell romance!

By Allrecipes Editors
December 06, 2019

Recipe for Romance, the new video series from Allrecipes, has everything that regular dating does: awkwardness, giant messes, and uncomfortable attempts at trying new things. The big difference is that it's in a kitchen and filmed for your amusement.

The premise is fairly simple, two people who have never met but connected through a dating app will meet up and attempt to cook a multi-course meal. Will their love fizzle like a failed flambé? Or will things end up getting spicy in the kitchen?

In this inaugural episode, Elizabeth and Hunter — who met on — meet up in our Birmingham test kitchens for their first date. After a stiff Red Hot Manhattan to calm everyone's nerves, the pair got to cooking on a Beef Wellington and Crème Brûlée.

From the slopping of egg custard to questions about whether onions should be peeled, watch the episode to see if these two potential lovebirds can conquer in the kitchen and pull off a successful date.

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