By Leslie Kelly

Carrot juice is the stuff of extreme cleanses and good-for-you vegetarian lifestyles, but this root veggie's sweet essence also makes a pretty spectacular mixer. Here's a short list of reasons why you definitely want to give it a shake or a stir real soon in this brilliant carrot cocktail.

Friday Harbor House's signature bourbon cocktail features carrot juice. Photo by Leslie Kelly

1) Savory Cocktails are So On Trend

Cheers to tastemakers from Eater and Thrillist declaring 2016 the year savory drinks demanded a spot at the bar, leading the way for an explosion of Micheladas, Moscow Mules and twists on the Bloody Mary. The culinary team at Friday Harbor House on San Juan Island in Washington state said they were going for an extreme statement when they put a bourbon-based Carrot Cocktail on the intimate restaurant's signature bar menu. "We're trying to go to the edge, but not go overboard," said Chef Jason Aldous about his collaboration with the Inn's GM, Michael Felso. Judging by the star treatment given to root veggies on the restaurant's fall menu, the carrot juice cocktail seems like a natural extension of that seasonally focused culinary lineup.

2) It's So Good For You

Using carrot juice instead of soda pop might seem like a stretch until you consider the blast of Vitamins C, D, E and K, as well as many minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium.

3) Orange is the New Black

Swapping in carrot juice is definitely a colorful statement, especially when it's served in a pretty Collins glass or a flute. Feel like experimenting? Carrot Juice Mimosa, anyone?

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