By Carl Hanson

There's more than one fatty fish in the sea! Salmon has the romance, but mackerel is another tasty, omega-3-rich fish, only with the added benefit of being sustainable.

Atlantic Mackerel | Photo by Petar Milošević, via Wikimedia Commons

Here are three reasons why you might want to add mackerel to your weekly fish routine. Not to replace salmon, but to supplement it now and then. Give it a try, you might even get hooked on it!

1) Mackerel Is a Sustainable Fish

The Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch recommends mackerel. "Most North American sources of mackerel ('saba' in sushi) are 'Best Choices,'" according to Seafood Watch. The Best Choice list includes Atlantic Mackerel, Atlantic Spanish Mackerel, and Atka Mackerel from Alaska.

As a wild, sustainable fish, mackerel isn't farmed; it's pulled fresh from the sea. And that, incidentally, is when mackerel is at its most delicious -- when it's prepared fresh. These days, you're in luck: wild-caught fish are typically flash frozen at sea, immediately after being caught; so the mackerel you're getting in the market should be fresh. But for best flavor, consider eating it soon after purchasing -- or soon after thawing, as the case may be -- within a day is best.

When choosing mackerel, look for moist, firm-fleshed fish.

2) Mackerel Is Kicking It in Omega 3s

Just like salmon, mackerel is packed with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. According to Berkeley Wellness, an online health site that works in collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health, "all types of mackerel are higher-fat fish, rich in the healthful polyunsaturated fats known as long-chain omega-3s, which may help boost heart health."

Mackerel are also a good source of protein, B vitamins, and the mineral selenium, which helps protect cells against the ravages of free radicals.

3) Mackerel Is Easy to Prepare

Maybe the best thing about Mackerel is that it doesn't require much fussing about in the kitchen. Like salmon, it rewards simple preparations.

Broiled Spanish Mackerel | Photo by WhitneyJ

Here are a few quick-and-easy, top-rated mackerel recipes to try out:

Broiled Spanish Mackerel

All you need here are olive oil, lemon slices, fish, and paprika. Dinner's prepped, cooked, and ready in about 15 minutes.

Japanese Broiled Mackerel

The marinade calls for soy sauce, mirin, a touch of sugar, and grated fresh ginger. That's it! Ready in less than 30 minutes.

Fried Tulingan (Mackerel)

Before frying, you'll simmer the mackerel in a tangy tamarind soup base. "Also, instead of frying, you can wrap the fish in banana leaves and grill," says lola. "Serve with mango relish. "

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