Beloved Sauce Brand Rao's Releases Four New Soup Flavors

Four new flavors join the six released earlier this year.

New Rao's Soups
Photo: Rao's

Rao's pasta sauces have a cult-like following (of which I am proudly a member), so when Rao's Homemade, the line of prepared foods inspired by the iconic East Harlem restaurant, releases new products — they currently have shelf-stable soups, dried pastas, and a handful of frozen dinners — devotees rush to stock up. Now, we all have a few more products to buy.

This month, Rao's Homemade is set to add four new flavors to their existing shelf-stable soup line. These flavors include:

  • Beef Stew Soup
  • Tortellini & Vegetable
  • Creamy Portobello Mushroom
  • Sausage & Potato with Cannellini Beans

The classic, comforting soups join Italian Chicken Noodle; Vegetable Minestrone; Italian Wedding; Tomato Basil; Pasta & Fagioli; and Chicken & Gnocchi. All of these soups use slow-simmered stock with quality ingredients, rich herbs, and tender noodles and beans.

If you're eager to get your hands on the new soups, expect to pay $4.99 per jar. Each jar has one serving, or you could split it for an appetizer before a big pasta dinner. Find them at retailers nationwide or on starting August 1.

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