Raising Cane's Is Expanding and People Will Flock — Here's Why

This restaurant chain dedicated to chicken fingers has been surprisingly genius.

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An order of chicken fingers and fries was once a lifesaver for parents across the country with small children who may be too picky for the adult food offerings. Now, chicken fingers are being reclaimed by the adult crowd. Chicken finger chain, Raising Cane's, has been dominating the chicken finger market for some years now. I have the pleasure of being familiar with their food. I have had my fair share of chicken fingers, crinkle-cut fries, coleslaw, Texas toast, and Cane's Sauce.

When I first got acquainted with the place, I was a little skeptical of a business model fully dedicated to chicken fingers. It was the same skepticism a professor of the founder, Todd Graves, had when Graves presented this business plan idea as a class assignment and got the lowest grade. Early bank loan requests got denied as well.

But hard work prevailed and that business idea turned out to be a success — as it has plans to expand the empire. It is reported that 100 more locations are projected to open soon across the nation. New locations are popping up in New York, Philadelphia, Michigan, Phoenix, Illinois, Florida, and more. This is no surprise since every time I pass by a location, cars are wrapped around the block, literally. Here are the reasons why this chain is adored and why the expansion will pay off.

What's So Special About Raising Cane's

The Chicken Itself

The chicken used for the fingers is fresh and never frozen. They are also marinated for 24 hours before being breaded and fried. They treat their chicken with tender loving care (pun intended). They even have staff called "Bird Specialists."

The Cane's Sauce

This sauce is kept under wraps. By simply its taste, you can make the honest assumption it is a zesty ranch dressing. It has a hint of tanginess and heat, but has a creamy finish. If you imagine a ranch dressing with a spice mix similar to Old Bay seasoning added, it would be understood.


If you ever visit the kitchen of a fast-food chain, the majority of the food is prepared in batches and placed under heat lamps or warmers. That is not the case with Raising Cane's. They make all of their food to order. Freshness is a top priority. This is beneficial because fried foods can degrade and lose their freshness very quickly.

The Good Ice

We cannot forget the beverages. They have a freshly squeezed lemonade that is a fan favorite, but the real star is the cooling agent that is added to the cups for every beverage. The ice is the "good ice." This crushed, pellet-sized, sub-zero goodness makes any drink ten times better. When a place pays attention to the detail of the ice, you know that they are willing to provide a good product.

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