Take to Twitter for your pressing panini needs.
Quiznos Sandwich Shop Prepares For Bankruptcy Filing
Credit: Justin Sullivan / Staff / Getty Images

There's nothing wrong with ordering delivery for tacos and margarita pitchers or getting a pick-up order of sandwiches to have for lunch all week long. Yet, price can add up, and you might not want to spend money on delivery and takeout every single day during quarantine if you don't have to.

Plus, cooking your own sammies and tacos can be super fun! And you have control over the ingredients, toppings, and fillings you want. The only issue, though, is you might not know how to make those mouth-watering sandwiches and tacos that you crave — or at least not as well as your favorite sandwich spot.

You're in luck though! The sandwich and taco making experts at REGO Restaurant Group, which owns Quiznos and Taco Del Mar, are here to help you out. They've just created two Twitter Hotlines to support home chefs with all their burning taco and sandwich making questions, so you can whip up practical, tasty, and satisfying bites on their own.

Staffed by the brands' respective sandwich and taco experts, the two hashtags #toastytips and #TacoTuesdayTips were just launched last week and are here to make sure at-home meals are just like what you'd find at your favorite local taco joint.

Using Twitter, tweet @Quiznos and @Taco_Del_Mar and ask your top questions, from meaty missteps to condiment conundrums, using the #toastytips and #TacoTuesdayTips hashtags. And don't go put a movie on — you can expect a response within an hour!

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