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Maintain morning peace with breakfasts everyone in the family can appreciate.

Dinner might seem the biggest meal fight in any given day, but the morning meal isn't always a peaceful experience either. But parents and kids both can agree these fast and easy breakfasts are ideal for making sure you each get a filling, healthful breakfast before you head out to school or work.

Chockfull of sugar-sweetened clusters, dried fruit, and crunchy nuts, Megan's Granola is a make-ahead breakfast that can be added to yogurt or milk for a fast and simple meal. To get kids more into granola, let them help you make it and pick which fruits to use. The original recipe calls for dried cranberries, but dried cherries, blueberries, even mango pieces would be delicious.

Megan's Granola
Photo by CCloves2bake

The beauty of this breakfast is that it's done when you wake up. No-Cook Overnight Oatmeal turns tender and creamy while you sleep. Let kids make and mix their own jar of oats, fruit, and yogurt or milk before going to bed. You can liven it up with some fresh fruit or a sprinkle of nuts or seeds for crunch.

No-Cook Overnight Oatmeal
No-Cook Overnight Oatmeal | Photo by LilSnoo

Breakfast sandwiches are always a great option for morning meals because you can pack in filling and energy-sustaining protein, whole grains, and even some veggies. You can even make prepping and cooking Muffin Morning Makers fun with a handy countertop Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker, which cooks eggs, warms muffins, and tenderizes veggies in just a matter of minutes.

Muffin Morning Makers
Photo by Molly

You might think waffles are weekend brunch fare only, but parents and kids will both be happy to find a way to make weekend waffles a weekday treat. Make these Mom's Best Waffles ahead on the weekend — when you actually have time to get out the waffle maker and mixing bowls — and then freeze them with pieces of wax paper separating each waffle. When you're ready to eat, pop a few out of the zip-top bag and drop them into a toaster. They'll warm and crisp right up. Instead of butter and syrup, opt for car-friendly nut butter, or fold up some fresh fruit like a morning taco.

Mom's Best Waffles
Photo by FoodFan

Parents and kids can both agree that Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins taste too good to be healthy, but they're hiding healthful secrets like whole grains and fresh vitamin C-rich blueberries. Like waffles, the key here is to make these ahead of time and keep them in a cool spot in the kitchen (or the fridge if your kitchen is warm) so you can grab one each morning with a glass of milk or coffee and a banana or other fresh fruit.

Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins
Photo by Wyattdogster

Can't imagine ever getting your kids to drink anything so vibrantly green? Add cocoa powder to this Green Monster Smoothie (even the name is kid-friendly), and that green smoothie is a chocolate shake with secret healthy ingredients. No fights about drinking chocolate for breakfast will be had.

Green Monster Smoothie
Photo by Buckwheat Queen

If you have a few minutes to pop a skillet on the stovetop and cook up a hearty breakfast, these Eggs in a Pepper should be your go-to. Parents will love that they're quick cooking and filled with protein. Kids will love that they can help fill up each pepper round with an egg. Plus the peppers are colorful and can change each time you make this recipe. Serve with whole-wheat toast and fruit for a full, well-rounded breakfast.

Egg in a Pepper
Photo by Aja