By Chris Hrenko
August 23, 2018

Quick breakfast wraps can quite literally save the day on hectic mornings when you're trying to get everyone out the door on time with something healthy in hand. Tuck a breakfast wrap in a purse, bag, or school backpack, and you won't have to worry about grumbling bellies (or grumbling kids) 10 minutes after they get to where they're going.

Whether you eat your breakfast wrap on the bus, in the car, or have the luxury of popping a premade wrap in the microwave when you get to your destination, you're likely to find something on this list of 10 fast breakfast wraps that's a quick, portable, and delicious way to get your day started.

Why Wraps Rule for Busy Mornings

Wraps are inherently tidy. Pack and wrap them right, and they'll easily hold a handful of ingredients for out-of-hand eating. They're also endlessly customizable, letting you choose whether to go savory or sweet with your on-the-go breakfast.

Still, the best breakfast wrap is one that holds together while in transit. So here are a few tips for wrapping and packing your breakfast so you don't show up at your destination wearing your breakfast on your shirt.

  • Cold wraps are likely to crack. A warm wrap is more pliable. Before loading up your ingredients, throw each wrap in a medium-hot skillet. Flip it when one side gets warm (about 30-45 seconds), and pull it off before it starts to get crispy. No time for stovetop cooking? Cover your wrap with a damp kitchen towel and microwave it for 30-60 seconds.
  • Seal in your ingredients. If you have the time, frying your wrap in a nice hot skillet lightly coated with oil or butter will help seal up its edges, keeping all of your ingredients snugly inside. Fold or roll your wrap up first, then brown it on all sides, paying special attention to the wrap's seams. (Note: cheese always helps.)
  • Freeze first if you can heat later. Prepping and freezing breakfast wraps works best for ingredients like pre-cooked eggs, meats, and cheese, as long as you have access to a microwave or a toaster oven for a quick reheat. Top your sizzling breakfast wrap with a serving of fresh veggies or salsa, and you'll be the envy of the office.
  • No microwave? No problem. There are plenty of fruit-based recipes for quick breakfast wraps so delicious they could almost be desserts.

10 Quick Breakfast Wraps

These delicious breakfast tacos are best prepared and eaten fresh from the skillet with warmed tortillas—but they're also a quick, easy, and portable option that's ready in 15 minutes, tops. If you're going to eat them on the go, try wrapping them into burritos with foil around the bottom to prevent leakage. Mexican breakfast to go, coming right up!

These simple wraps come together in 10 minutes, and are a kid-friendly option for breakfast. If you need to recruit some helping hands (or maybe just comic relief), recipe originator Mohawkmae has you covered: "Even kids as young as a year old can help make these!"

Photo by Melissa Goff

This wrap features fresh fruit and granola, but is totally portable and doesn't leave behind any dirty dishes or gross plastic silverware to clean up later. If, like Allrecipes home cook Inque, you're iffy on the taste of cottage cheese, just substitute vanilla Greek yogurt. (But maybe give the recipe a try as-is first, as Inque did in the end, noting, "It was so tasty! Perfect for an easy breakfast!")

Reviewer soupisgoodfood33 found this recipe to be a real crowd-pleaser for the young kids in her house: "My kids loved these. Definitely a keeper for the waiting-on-the-school-bus crowd."

Photo by Molly

The quickest quick breakfast of them all, coming in hot! If you're truly crunched for time, you really can't beat a two-minute quesadilla that just needs a quick zap in the microwave.

But if you feel like dressing things up a bit, take a cue from recipe reviewer gstadig, who mixes this one up with some greens and a little help from big George, saying, "I make these all the time and add spinach—but I use my George Foreman Grill." Or take a hint from Fearling, who likes to made quesadillas in a frying pan with a little butter or oil to help brown them up.

No matter which way you cook them, quesadillas are always a great vehicle for leftover chicken that's been thinly sliced or shredded. Top with salsa or serve it on the side for dipping.

Photo by bd.weld

This recipe is basically like having bacon and eggs for breakfast, which most people love—except you don't have to drive with a plate and fork in your lap. (Which is a definite plus.) Instead, tuck your breakfast staples into a warmed tortilla, wrap it up, and hit the road.

Allrecipes reviewer Juanita c doesn't beat around the bush when it comes to this simple but awesome portable breakfast solution, saying, "I love it so much!"

Photo by Buckwheat Queen

This whole-wheat wrap packs in real foods like spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, and eggs—so it's already healthier than the processed option you might grab from the gas station. But Allrecipes developer MBTX4 has a few additional tips to make it even healthier: "This is my not-quite-as-healthy knock-off of a wrap at a popular coffee shop. Use butter instead of coconut oil if you want, and try tomato- and basil-flavored feta cheese. To make it healthier, use just egg whites and low-fat feta cheese." And if you don't have sun-dried tomatoes, you can substitute chopped fresh tomatoes, the way Diana Mc did.

Photo by Diana MC

Okay, it might seem weird to roll slices of kiwi into a wrap with peanut butter and cream cheese, but this is a terrific on-the-go breakfast for kids who like something sweet in the morning, or someone who prefers a less-traditional breakfast. Road trips are brightened by recipes like this, as kiwis add an exotic touch to an otherwise highly portable, functional breakfast. (Bonus: You can serve these for lunch, too!)

Photo by lutzflcat

Those who don't do ham can substitute broccoli, and those who just want to have it all can use both in this easy frittata wrap. Allrecipes Allstar Buckwheat Queen saves time by skipping the stovetop cooking step and putting her egg mixture straight into an oven-safe pan to cook like a regular frittata. Prepping the ham, cheese and/or broccoli the night before will make this come together in less than 15 minutes in the morning—so take advantage of the fact that the kiddos simply must watch Lego Movie before bed for the 147th time this year and get a jump on your morning.

Photo by Buckwheat Queen

Don't try to make and freeze this wrap to save yourself time, as the bananas won't hold up well in the freezer. (They'll also take all of the "crunch" out of these Crunchy Brunch Wraps as they thaw.) But that's totally fine, because this recipe is so quick and easy to make. The PB-and banana combo is a perennial favorite with kids, but recipe creator Amanda531 has made these for a variety of events, saying, "I've taken these as hand-held breakfast foods for my staff and volunteers at events, as well as taken them to a bridal party brunch. They worked out great as we all got our hair and makeup done." How's that for a hard-working breakfast wrap?

Photo by Christina

Last but not least, here's a versatile classic that's ready in seven minutes. This egg-and-potato pita is like a blank canvas for your favorite herbs and spices. Add hot sauce, cheese, bacon, sausage, chives, or all of the above. Chairman James tops his with chunky salsa, and we would too!

Photo by Magicallydelicious