By Food*Dude
April 11, 2015

These BBQ sauces are quicker than a run to the store.

Easy BBQ Sauce
Photo by lutzflcat

Don't get caught without barbecue sauce when you fire up the grill. These sauces require no cooking, and are ready start-to-finish in 15 minutes or less. Find your favorite, tweak it to taste, and bam! you have a signature sauce!

Break out the Blender, and Blend 'till Smooth:

Blend together 10 ingredients, and in 10 minutes you've got BBQ sauce—with no cooking required. That's probably why this sauce is "very popular."

A Very Popular BBQ Sauce
A Very Popular BBQ Sauce | Photo by LYNNINMA

No Time for the Blender? Just Stir These Together:

Sound simple? Well, it is! This sauce needs only calls for six ingredients (and of of those is water)!

Fruit preserves and bourbon? Oh, yeah!

Simple ingredients make a versatile sauce ready for your pork sandwiches.

For zing, Bob adds horseradish.

If you like a complex flavor and don't mind dirtying every one of your measuring spoons, nine spices join honey, molasses, and brown sugar in this bonus recipe. Despite having 16 ingredients, this sauce will still be on the table in 15 minutes or less.

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