August 21, 2017

Not to be outdone by all the early bird pumpkin treats out there, Pop Tarts is seeing Halo Top and M&M's pumpkin delights, and raising them a caramel apple and ghoul-tastic chocolate fudge flavors for the fall and Halloween season. Yep, limited editions of everyone's favorite toaster treats have been spotted on the shelves of Woodman's according to @candyhunting on Instagram.

The Pumpkin Pie flavor is filled with pumpkin-pie filling, real nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove; the Frosted Chocolate Fudge is both trick and treat with a Jack-o-lantern-ish frosting design and filled with fudgy goodness; and the Caramel Apple is a combo of exactly the two flavors you'd suspect—and also seems to be @candyhunting's fave. All kinds of yum.

A quick Google searched turned up a handful of stores to purchase online (Walmart, Amazon, etc.), so I'm thinkin' they won't be tough to track down. And normally I'd say stock up before they're gone, but with all the pumpkin flavored items on sale out there, I think there is a delicate balance that will need to be struck between wanting to get your hands on said items before they go away and not OD-ing on the flavor before the season officially gets here. So, ya know, make good choices, everyone.

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