August 14, 2017

Similar to the trend of the annual Christmas creep where the holiday season seems to start earlier and earlier each year, we are now seeing pumpkin-flavored stuff getting a pretty big head start on fall. Halo Top just announced pumpkin flavored ice cream, people are already drumming their fingers on Starbucks counters eager for the PSL just a few weeks away, and now M&M's are getting in on the fall fun with Pumpkin Pie M&M's.

Pumpkin M&M's are available now! | Image by Walmart.

To be honest, I was surprised this was the first we've seen of the Pumpkin Pie flavor—how were these not already a thing?? Haven't we always had access to these white chocolate cinnamon and spice-flavored candies? (Because I can almost taste them...) But, no—this new seasonal flavor has just hit the shelves of Walmart, and you can expect to see more of them in other grocery stores in the coming weeks as well. Happy pumpkining to you!

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