Two friends in Britain wanted to create a grown-up popsicle for anyone who wanted a little buzz from their frozen treats, and all we can say is, well done! That effort has served up some pure genius in the form of Prosecco push pops. (Yay!) This delightfulness from POPS is called the BELLINI and is made from Prosecco (again, yay!) and peaches—and what else does one really need on a warm, sunny afternoon?

Spiked POPS will run you about $13 for a box of three, while the virgin flavors are around $5 per box. | Image by POPS

But that's not all they offer. Their online menu is divided into "naughty" and "nice" products—i.e. spiked:

…and virgin:

They all look pretty dazzling if you ask us. And now for the bummer part of this story: POPS aren't currently available to buy in the U.S. (but here's hoping, right?!). Though, if you find yourself in the U.K. you can order them online, or pull them off the shelves with your own hands at a variety of locations in the U.K. and beyond. Call us dramatic, but we think these boozy pops might just be worth a trip across the pond.

In the meantime, check out this blog post with some recipes for making your own grown-up pops at home.