Say Happy Birthday To Hello Kitty And 5 More Proposed Food Holidays

Move over National Bacon Lover's Day. It's about time to sandwich in a few more food festivities onto that already packed culinary calendar. Here are 6 worth celebrating.

1) International Hello Kitty Treat Day

Ready to OD on sweetness? Just say awww on Nov. 1, which will mark Hello Kitty's 41st Birthday. Try this recipe for Red Velvet Cupcake from Food Gypsy.

hello kitty goody
Hello Kitty's Birthday should be celebrated with everything sweet. Photo by Leslie Kelly.

2) Classic Candy Day

Let's set this for Dec. 26, as a logical way to take care of all those leftover Christmas candy canes. Chowing down on Charleston Chews and Big Hunks and Bit O'Honey also makes the inevitable post-Christmas blues a little easier to bear. And cheer up, Peeps season is just around the corner.

3) Edible Pot Day

Observed on 4/20, naturally, but only in Washington State and Colorado, where marijuana is legal. Yeah, man, you can really buy cookies and brownies and dark chocolate bars in those states, which has given a whole new, super mellow meaning to culinary tourism.

4) Eat A Bug Day

People do it all around the world, so get over being squeamish and go for it, maybe around Halloween because some insects do look pretty scary. These Thai water bugs are a house specialty at Nue, a Seattle restaurant dedicated to exploring global street food. And, no, they don't taste anything like chicken.

5) Naked Burger Month

No, we're not suggesting wearing your birthday suit while eating a sloppy sandwich, but in our Paleo Diet-obsessed, Gluten-Sensitive world, doesn't it make a sense to ditch the bun and go naked? Probably ripe for a summer month like August when you can dine outside in case things get messy. Go for it with this recipe from the Civilized Caveman Cooking blog.


5) Food-On-A-Stick Weekend

This one belongs in August, just in time for state fair feasting where corn dogs rule and, in the South, pork butt reigns. Of course, you could also go high brow instead of low and skewer some prime steak for kebabs or create your own walk-around BLT. Let's face it, everything tastes better on a stick.


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