And you won't have to wash a soup bowl after you eat it.
Progresso Toppers
Credit: Progresso

According to what I can only assume was an extremely scientific study recently done by Progresso, 50 percent of Americans say they prefer to make meals that don't require cooking, in order to avoid doing dishes. To that I say, only 50 percent?

The study also revealed that two out of five parents say they're using their dishwasher more often, and 47 percent say that since the pandemic began, they have constantly had dirty dishes in their sinks. Clearly, Americans are over doing the dishes.

This is the information that inspired Progresso's new line of Progresso Toppers, which are built to be enjoyed without dirtying a single dish — except a spoon, though you could probably skip that if you were really desperate.

The soups, which are packaged in single-serving, microwave-safe tubs, also include curated crunchy toppings, like oysters crackers and tortilla strips. All you have to do is remove the container of toppings, rip open the bowl, microwave, and enjoy.

For now, they come in five flavors: Chicken Noodle with Oyster Crackers, Tomato Basil with Cheddar Crackers, Broccoli Cheese with Oyster Crackers, Loaded Potato with Fried Onion Strings, and Chicken Tortilla with Tortilla Strips. All five are available now at select retailers across the country for $3.79 each. Spoon not included.