The 5 Brands Our Community Says Are "Worth the Splurge" at the Grocery Store

 Sometimes you just gotta spend a little more.

As part of 2023 Allrecipes Community Awards, we polled you to discover which brands you think are worth a little extra money at the checkout line. Over 3,000 Allrecipes readers responded, and the votes are in! Meet the five food products worth the splurge, from #5 to #1.

#5 Starbucks Coffee

That mermaid knows her coffee, doesn't she? Allrecipes users told us in no uncertain terms that they think that this wildly popular brand of coffee is worth the extra money. Now of course, it's always more affordable to make your own coffee at home, so if you want to skip the café these days to help with the budget you can seek out Starbucks brand ground coffee in your grocery store. You'll save some money and still get that barista flavor.

#4 Kerrygold Butter

Here's a lesson: When it comes to butter, don't skimp. And Allrecipes users seem to agree, naming this premium, European-style butter a splurge they're willing to make. Whether it is Kerrygold's lightly salted butter for smearing on your English muffin or its unsalted version for cooking and baking, this is a butter worth reaching for. Want to try to save a few pennies? You can often find Kerrygold Butter at Costco!

#3 Rao's Homemade

The difference between basic jarred pasta sauces and this Allrecipes fan-favorite is big enough to have landed it in the #3 position this year. For many home chefs who like to make their own pasta and pizza sauces, Rao's is the only jarred sauce they'll buy. And why not? Rao's tastes perfect right out of the jar — no zhuzhing or tweaking necessary. We're talking about unscrewing that lid and dinner is perfect. Is that worth a little extra at the cash register? We agree — yes! Pro tip: Rao's is another product you might find at Costco, so keep an eye out for two-packs of large jars for a great price. Also, don't sleep on their amazing pasta!

#2 Boar's Head

Once you've had a good deli meat versus a meh deli meat (or cheese), you quickly decide that here's where you want to spend a bit more of your food budget for truly delicious sandwiches. And when it comes to grocery store brands, so many Allrecipes users credited Boar's Head products with being worth the money that it took the #2 spot in our ranking. And for good reason: The flavors are terrific! The meats are not overly salty or bland and the cheeses are smooth and creamy — not rubbery like some bargain brands. Pro tip: Buy only as much as you believe you will use within 5-6 days to ensure freshness and not waste a penny.

#1 Hellmann's Mayonnaise

All hail Hellmann's, the mayonnaise to beat all competitors, and, in Allrecipes users' opinion, the food product most worth the extra money at the grocery store. Mayonnaise, whether as a solo condiment or an ingredient in recipes, should be fresh and clean tasting, with good creamy texture, and not too much acidity or sweetness. Hellmann's hits all these notes, making it the ideal choice for your BLT or potato salad, but doesn't bring any extra unwanted flavors when you want to make that killer mayo chocolate cake. A winner all around!

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