When it comes to serving food, are you an artist or a no-nonsense disher upper? Chef Joe Ritchie from Goldfinch Tavern at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle served up some spot-on suggestions for adding some restaurant style drama to your dinner plate, using steak, roasted potatoes and grilled fennel. So gorgeous, right?

Ritchie suggests arranging the food down the middle of the plate, using the protein as a centerpiece, splitting roasted fingerlings down the middle and serving skin side up. The grilled fennel adds color and texture to this edible work of art. "I encourage cooks to be creative, to think about how they want it to look before they start," he said.

Sauce can be drizzled over the top with a spoon, no squeeze bottles needed. And the fragrant finishing touch is fresh herbs. "I like to go up to my herb garden and pick what's fresh," he said. For the steak plate, he used a few small sprigs of fresh thyme.

The key is restraint. "Resist the urge to overload the plate," said Ritchie, whose cooking career includes a stint at the legendary Herbfarm in Woodinville, Wash. "You also don't want it to look fussy," he said.

Try these easy tips, and get ready for the food paparazzi to start shooting photos of those stylish dishes to upload on social media.

Chef Joe Ritchie plating tips
Chef Joe Ritchie from Goldfinch Tavern offers plating tips. Photo by Leslie Kelly