"Print" Your Own Pancakes With The PancakeBot

Weekend Mornings Will Never Be The Same

Tired of your pancake-doodle of Mickey's ears getting critiqued before it's devoured? Well, we think we've found the answer right here. Forget easy stars and moon shapes. This thing prints out the Eiffel Tower** in no time flat!

**No, I have no idea how you flip that over, either.

Ok, so the PancakeBot™ isn't available quite yet, but if it seems like exactly what you need to make breakfast way more fun, then you can find it on Kickstarter. It looks like funding runs through early April, and it ships in July.

As they say, the batter isn't included, so might we suggest Good Old Fashioned Pancakes? It's got over 7,000 reviews, so it's probably perfect for all your pancake-printing needs.

See It In Action


Don't let the robots take your job away. Learn how to make better pancakes with your own two hands.

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