These chips bring the flavor of summer corn and melted butter.
Pringles Sweet Corn

There's nothing like biting into corn on the cob fresh from the grill, or using the kernels in a summery grain or bean salad for outdoor barbecues. But now you can taste the sweet flavor of corn in your favorite can of chips, too! Who wants a bag of potato chips to go with your charred hot dog or bacon cheeseburger?

Pringles' newest and most festive flavor for summer is Sweet Corn, which has the sweet and salty flavor of corn you crave but with some nice crunch in each bite. While we have yet to try it ourselves, it's getting some excellent reviews — people claim it actually does taste like sweet corn on the cob!

So, if you can't resist the juicy yellow veg for spring and summer, this is definitely a chip flavor you don't want to miss out on. And, as with anything, it's always better when something lives true to its name — so kudos, Pringles, kudos.

You can buy it now at Walgreens stores nationwide and until supplies last. It is limited edition, so it may just be here for the summer (though we don't know how long, to be exact). Either way, act fast and get the Pringles Sweet Corn cans while you can!

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