They're the classic flavors you love, but spicier.
pringles scorchin
Credit: Pringles

Historically, there have been many reasons to eat Pringles. The fun can. The ability to mix and match flavors into little chip sandwiches. The fact that you can put two in your mouth at the same time and pretend you're a duck. For all that, though—and despite certain flavors—spiciness has never been a key selling point when it comes to pushing Pringles on the snacking public. 

That all changes with the introduction of the Pringles Scorchin' lineup, however. Emphasizing a bold head that steadily builds to a fiery inferno, these heat-packing Pringles are an attempt to test the boundaries of your spice tolerance. 

As opposed to relying on intense flavors like habañero or ghost pepper, the new Scorchin' format turns up the heat on existing Pringles flavors, two out of three of which wouldn't otherwise register as spicy. Specifically, the initial lineup adds the new Scorchin' designation to Cheddar and BBQ-flavored Pringles, as well as the slightly spicier-sounding Chili & Lime. Each derives its heat from an added kick of pepper. 

Though it may seem like an unorthodox approach, the people at Pringles felt that it was important to tick with the flavors fans love while hitting ‘em with the old spicy razzle dazzle. 

"As we created this collection, we knew spice was important, but we also wanted to preserve the insanely accurate flavors our fans have come to expect from our products," Pringles senior director of marketing Gareth Maguire said in a press release. "I'm proud to say, we have succeeded on both fronts to offer the perfect balance of bold flavor and spicy heat that builds over time."

If you want to get your hands on these hot tubes of goodness, you'll find all three Pringles Scorchin' flavors available for a limited release at retailers nationwide starting in December of 2020, with a fuller release scheduled for 2021. Next year's sure looking pretty spicy.