It will certainly be hard to stop popping these.

Pringles are a quintessential snack food. They come in many tasty flavors, deliver a just-right hit of seasoning, and have a crispy crunch that makes popping chip after chip quite irresistible. Now, the masters behind the chip brand have done it again, creating a flavor that sounds too good to be true: Fried Onion Ring.

Fried Onion Rings Pringles
Photo: Pringles

Fried onion rings are a covetable appetizer or side for a burger (take that, fries!), and now they're available in chip form. With these crisps, you can pack away some of the grease, still get your fried onion fix, and not have to leave your house (or car, desk, or wherever you regularly snack).

What to expect upon taking a bite? These Fried Onion Ring Pringles resemble Funyuns, but with a milder taste. Right now you can only snag them at 7-Eleven locations nationwide, and they'll only be there while supplies last. (Kudos, 7-Eleven. You scored a treat that'll bring the crowds in.)

Want to spice them up? Dunk them in dip for some added nutrition, taste, and texture. Hummus, guacamole, spinach artichoke, ranch, bleu cheese, you name it—creamy and crunchy is a winning combo, and everything goes great with fried onions rings. You could even use them to make a crust for a sandwich.