Hey, paleo people, put a potato on your plate!

Good news, paleos. You can finally toss a potato on your plate alongside your grilled steak. After all, it's what your paleo cousins would've done.

That's right. According to new research from evolutionary geneticists at University College London, early humans likely cooked and ate starchy tubers.

The researchers suspect as much because of the enzymes that we humans produce to help us digest cooked starchy foods. As the only primate that cooks, we've evolved multiple copies of the gene that makes the enzyme in question. With more copies, we could coax additional calories from cooked starchy foods.

Researchers speculate that we used the extra energy to fashion bigger brains. This is not to say cooked meat wasn't a factor. Just that we were also eating cooked carbs.

When did we evolve these extra copies of the gene? Well, DNA analysis of ancient European hunter-gatherers shows that they had the extra copies well before humans settled down to farm.

Naturally, this is not the final word on the subject. Expect more to follow. But for now, let's toss some tubers on the flames and get back in touch with our primal, carb-loving caveman selves. Here's are ten by-and-large paleo-friendly potato recipes to get us started.

10 Potato Recipes for Your Paleo Diet!

1. Real German Potato Salad

Tender boiled potatoes combine with chicken broth, vinegar, chopped onion, bacon, and dill. "Here's a traditional German potato salad which, of course, has no mayo," says Lish Cook. "It has tangy, fresh flavors and can be served cold or at room temperature."

Photo by by lutzflcat

2. Grilled Baked Potatoes

If we were meat-and-potatoes people all along, we'll be making room on the grill for these grilled "baked" potatoes. Skoo says they're "GREAT! The best with your grilled meats. I grilled both the skin and the 'flesh' until nicely browned and crunchy on the outside. Easy to make-ahead -- just pre-cook the potatoes and store in fridge with olive oil mixture until ready to use, then grill."

Photo by Molly

3. Sliced Potatoes with Bacon and Parsley

The secret to these paleo potatoes? Onions sauteed with reserved bacon grease and then simmered in beef broth! You'll pour the broth mixture over the potatoes and top with the bacon and chopped parsley. (Skip the sugar.) "Very similar to Julia Child's recipe for French Potato Salad," says naples34102. "I reduced the vinegar a smidge. I left the sugar out and didn't miss it. Cut the vinegar a tad and this recipe is 5 stars –- and may even be better than Julia's –- hers doesn't have bacon!"

Photo by naples34102

4. Roast Potatoes

Simple roasted potatoes with a little oil, rosemary, and salt and pepper. That's it. DREAM484 says, "The potatoes were so delicious and so easy to make! My family just gobbled them up!"

Photo by naples34102

5. Red Potato, Asparagus, and Artichoke Salad

This recipe would constitute a pretty successful day of gathering food: asparagus, artichoke hearts, small red potatoes, and some fresh chives. Add some olive oil, fresh lemon juice, and a little Dijon, and you're the hit of your paleo band. "Great fresh alternative to mayonnaise based potato salad," says Linda. "Recipe makes quite a lot but can easily be scaled down."

Photo by naples34102

6. Greek-Style Lemon Roasted Potatoes

A great simple potato dish beside anything from the grill. Drizzle olive oil and lemon juice over the potato wedges, season with salt, oregano, and black pepper, pour a little chicken broth over the top and roast until golden brown. Easy! "The fresh lemon juice really shines in this recipe," says lutzflcat. "Followed the instructions to the letter, and I wouldn't change a thing.

Photo by lutzflcat

7. Yucatan Potato Salad

If, back in the day, you'd crossed the land bridge where the Bering Sea is now and headed due south, you could have gotten your hands on poblano chile peppers -- the precursor to the poblano, anyway --- not to mention potatoes. In which case, here's the recipe for you. Combine warm potatoes with the peppers, eggs, celery, onion, sweet pickles, olives, and a quick oil-based dressing. "This was the perfect side for my Labor Day BBQ," says LOVEDODY. "I wanted something a little different and this was it. The lime dressing made it nice and zesty, and I loved the idea of adding chiles and green olives."

Photo by lutzflcat

8. Pan-Roasted Marble Potatoes

This recipe boasts a colorful combination of red, gold, and purple baby potatoes, pan-roasted with lots of bacon and rosemary. "Sooo good!" raves ariesgoddess77. "The potatoes are perfect--a combo of crispy, bacon-y goodness on the outside and soft, buttery awesomeness on the inside. Can't. stop. eating them."

Photo by Spunky Buddy

9. Home-Fried Potatoes

Browned cubed potatoes are fried with chopped onions, green peppers, and parsley. "Iwas skeptical because this recipe was so simple and called for very little seasoning," admits SHELZ1. "But i guess this is a prime of example of less is more. These were great."

Photo by abapplez

10. Roasted Potatoes with Greens

A prehistoric paleo person had to get her greens just like us modern paleos. Here roasted potatoes mingle with fresh spinach in a simple sauce of garlic, butter, sea salt, and fresh rosemary. Give them a nice lashing of olive oil at the end if you like.

Photo by Dianne

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