Pizza crowned with tender, thinly sliced potato struck me as strange at first, even though pizza di patate is a delicious tradition in many parts of Italy. Now, I can't get enough of these comforting combos.

863693 Potato Pesto Feta Pizza 221959 Christina
Photo by Christina

You can craft a potato pizza at home with Chef John's recipe for Potato Pesto Feta Pizza or New York pizza maven Jim Lahey's recipe for a more traditional Italian version.  Or, stop by any of these American pizzerias renowned for their potato pies.

Pizzaiolo, Oakland, Calif. | Seasonal Potato Pizza

Pizza combos here shift with which ingredients are in season. This gorgeous specimen glows with potato, pancetta, fontina cheese, and rosemary, plus a fried egg for good measure.

TriBecca Allie Cafe, Sardis, Miss. | Pizza di Patate

The potato pizza at this brick oven pizzeria run by New York expats Rebecca and Dutch Van Oostendorp features olive oil, thin-sliced potato, whole-milk mozzarella, cheddar, bacon, chives, and sour cream.

Bar Night Club, New Haven, Conn. | Mashed Potato Pie

Potato pizza in a smoother form: An impossibly light and crispy oblong crust, slathered with garlicky mashed potatoes studded with bacon.

Serious Pie, Seattle | Yukon Gold Potato Pizza

This wood-fired slab of goodness arrives fragrant with rosemary; salty with pecorino romano cheese; and layered with tender coins of yukon gold potatoes.

Mr. Pizza, Los Angeles (by way of Seoul) | Potato Gold Pizza

Another hearty twist on tradition. This version from the popular South Korean pizza chain offers a tomato sauce base topped with mushrooms, ground beef, corn, onions, potato wedges, sour cream, and bacon, all atop a sweet potato crust.