By Karen Gaudette Brewer

Melon. In a smoothie. It wasn't something I had considered before. But I wised up: How can I deny myself something so energizing and refreshing as a smoothie fragrant with honeydew, cantaloupe, or watermelon? Here's what makes melon smoothies so good for you, plus top-rated recipes for you to try.

Simple Cantaloupe Smoothie | Photo by lutzflcat

What's so Great About Melon Smoothies?

Melons are a good source of potassium, which is an electrolyte that helps keep the electrical workings of your heart going. Potassium also helps with blood pressure and muscle function. So, adding potassium-rich melons to smoothies makes for a great post-workout treat. A cup of cantaloupe or honeydew melon packs the same amount of potassium as a banana. (While you're at it, toss the banana into your blender, too!)

Tips for Making Melon Smoothies

Like any fruit-based concoction, your melon smoothie will only be as tasty as the melon you've selected. Here's what to look for when choosing melons.

  • Look at the vine end of the melon, it should be hard and slightly sunken.
  • For honeydew melons, you can often tell ripeness by giving it a shake: you can actually feel the seeds moving inside it if it's ripe.
  • The rind of a ripe cantaloupe should be orangeish not green, and the melon should smell like a cantaloupe.
  • A ripe watermelon should feel heavy and full for its size.

How to Prep Your Melon for Smoothies

  • Before cutting your melon, wash it with soap and cool water to remove any bacteria. Slicing into a melon that has bacteria on the rind can introduce pathogens into the fruit.
  • Use a long sharp knife to cut the melon in half, right through the center of the melon.
  • Use a broad, shallow metal spoon to carve out the seeds, fibers, and soft spots.
  • If you have selected a dud, add a bit more sugar or honey to sweeten the fruit.
  • If your melon separates from the rest of your smoothie, reunite the ingredients by blending with a splash of half-and-half or coconut milk.

VIDEO: Check out this video to see a great technique for cutting a melon into chunks that are perfect for melon smoothies.

5 Top-Rated Melon Smoothie Recipes

These are some of our favorite melon smoothies. And for more healthy breakfast ideas, check out how to make healthy smoothies.

1. Cucumber-Honeydew Smoothie

Rave Review:"What a wonderful light, refreshing and yummy drink," says Isabela14. "Had it with a slice of toast for breakfast and it absolutely made my day."

2. Melon Smoothie

Rave Review: "Good stuff," says iheartnitz. "I used bottled lime juice and frozen melon balls. As a result, my smoothie was slushy and thick. Yum."

3. Cantaloupe Frenzy

Rave Review: "I just made it for a light dessert," says CYBERSTU. "Light, refreshing, and really nourishing as well. This would make a great treat for brunch."

4. Lean Green Smoothie

Rave Review: "WOW! This was much different than the usual fruit-sweet and hearty green drinks," says Sam Nemati. "It had a more delicate, bizarre touch to the flavors that I REALLY LIKED."

5. Simple Cantaloupe Smoothie

Rave Review: "Used vanilla Greek yogurt (which I had on hand), added a few more ice cubes, and ended up with a really creamy breakfast smoothie," says lutzflcat.

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