The side-by-side frozen delight will now be available for the foreseeable future!
Popsicle Double Pop
Credit: Popsicle

If you're ready for a cold, refreshing and fruity reminder of summer days gone by, Popsicle is gearing up to bring that nostalgia back for you. Later this spring, you will once again be able to get two fruity Popsicles in one pack, like back in the old days of skinned knees and dirty Converses.

That's right, Popsicle is re-launching the Popsicle Double Pop. Thanks to a tweet by Justin Bieber and the hashtag #BringBacktheDouble, Popsicle is bringing back a classic childhood favorite, the Popsicle Double Pop. Popsicle asked fans to vote on the fruity flavors the brand should include, and the votes came in: Cherry, Orange, and Banana. And we happen to think those are three delicious picks and are pretty darn happy about it!

As for availability, Popsicle hopes to re-launch the Popsicle Double Pop late April or early May. That's soon enough!

Popsicle Double Pop will be around $4.29 for a box of nine packs in major retailers nationwide, and based on fans' votes, the packaging will be awesome, as well. The Double Pop packs will have Popsicle's signature popcrafts and a vintage logo. It'll be the perfect spring and summer treat for sweet cravings or boozy creations!