Instead of a Turkey This Thanksgiving, How About Fried Chicken?

Thanks to Popeyes, that dream is now a reality.

Thanksgiving: it's not going to look the same in 2020. Much like an unnecessary sequel to a beloved comedy movie, it's probably going to feel familiar but leave you disappointed. Knowing that, maybe it's worth skipping a disappointing version of tradition and embracing the anarchy of Covid-sgiving by letting Popeyes cater your dinner with a limited-edition offering that has only a tenuous connection to turkey.

That's right: this Thanksgiving, make your unconventional meal memorable by ordering a Popeyes CHURKEY special. Offered in partnership with Uber Eats, the Churkey includes an eight piece family meal, plus your choice of large side and four biscuits. It'd probably make sense to opt for mashed potatoes if you wanted to at least pretend this was some sort of Thanksgiving dinner, or you could embrace chaos and go with fries or corn on the cob to really stick it to the puritans.

popeyes churkey thanksgiving special

To add a little extra bit of enticement, spending at least $20 on what Popeyes is pretending is a Friendsgiving feast (you shouldn't really be doing stuff like this with your friends this year) will nab you a free Chicken Sandwich Combo. Given that the Churkey is supposed to retail for $19.99, you're already 99% of the way there. So in case that wasn't somehow enough chicken for your household, you can also fight over the chicken sandwich that started a "war."

So while you may not be able to play football with any of your uncles this year, at least you can get a lot of chicken from Popeyes that's dropped off at your doorstep by an independent contractor. I guess it could be worse.

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