This Popeyes Seasonal Favorite Is Finally Back

We love the chicken but this one is even better and it's returning this week.

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Popeyes has been the center of the great chicken sandwich debate for years, but the crispy chicken sandwich, and even the classic fried chicken, aren't the only menu items fans will go to bat for. In fact, two of Popeyes' most popular seasonal items aren't even chicken at all.

For years now, Popeyes fans have been loving the seasonal seafood menu that pops up for a limited time. This year, customers will be pleased to know that Popeyes is bringing back both its fan-favorite Flounder Fish Sandwich and Shrimp Tackle Box to restaurants nationwide.

Popeye's Seafood Menu

Since the Flounder Fish Sandwich joined the menu in 2021, customers haven't been able to get enough of the crispy, seasoned fish filet that's fried and served on a brioche bun with pickles and sauce. The sandwich is available in both Classic, which is served with tartar sauce, and Spicy, which is served with Spicy Spread, versions.

The Shrimp Tackle Box is a great combo meal option as it's filled with eight crispy, seasoned fried butterfly shrimp, a biscuit, and a regular side. The Tackle Box is also customizable to become a Surf and Turf box that's a combination of butterfly shrimp and chicken tenders.

These two seasonal items will join the Popcorn Shrimp and Shrimp Roll, which are already on Popeyes' menu.

The limited-time seafood menu items typically come around during the Lenten season when those observing Lent refrain from eating meat on Fridays. While we're not sure how long the seafood menu will be available, Lent culminates with Easter, which is April 9 this year, so you'll likely have until then to try these items.

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