Popeyes Is Now Selling Chocolate Beignets Nationwide

Will the New Orleans dessert become the next chicken sandwich?

chocolate beignets from popeyes are going nationwide
Photo: Popeyes

There are a lot of things to do in New Orleans. Participate in a parade. Legally drink in public on Bourbon Street. Enjoy a Cajun-style crawfish boil. But above all, if you go to New Orleans without getting some powdered sugar on your clothes while eating beignets at Cafe du Monde, were you even really there at all?

It's hard to say. But the good news for those who've missed out on traveling to the Crescent City in 2020 need not be deprived of a decent beignet from a Louisiana-based establishment any longer. Due to popular demand, chicken chain Popeyes is bringing its Chocolate Beignets to locations across the country.

According to info from Popeyes, the popular New Orleans-style dessert tested well in certain local markets, so it's ready for the big show. And why wouldn't it be, given that it's made up of melted Hershey's chocolate placed inside a deep-fried pastry that's generously coated in powdered sugar? Cafe du Monde purists might quibble with some of the finer points of the preparation, but there's a decent chance that the mere existence of these at a local Popeyes automatically makes them the best beignets in certain towns.

To celebrate the nationwide introduction, Popeyes is putting out a particular piece of clothing: a "Beignet Camo" hoodie. Essentially, it's a black hoodie that comes splattered with little flecks of white, to make it look like the powdered sugar from the beignet you just ate is part of a conscious aesthetic choice rather than overenthusiastic eating.

While that Beignet Camo hoodie will run you $35 from Popeyes' new merch shop, the good news is that those beignets will retail for a bit cheaper: 3 pieces start at just $1.99, with a six ($3.99) and 12-count ($7.49) option on the menu as well. Like all good things, they're only around for a limited time—so maybe save that powdered sugar on your clothing after all.

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