These will go swimmingly with a glass of milk.

Pop-Tarts is not shy of flavor experiments, but this new flavor takes their innovation to a whole new level.

Instagram account @thetastyturtle found Kellogg's brand-new Pop-Tart flavor at a Walmart location recently. The "Mer-Mazing Blue Raspberry," as it's named, has a blue raspberry filling, and there's white icing on the pastry, along with a mermaid design.

While the pastry is not officially listed on the Pop-Tarts' web site, the box does say "mix & match," which leads us to believe that half of the pastries in the box will have the top half of the mermaid's body and the other half will have the bottom. This is similar to their recently released Sugar Cookie Pop-Tarts, which feature a designer deer motif on the pastry's frosting.

Until we get our hands on these Pop-Tarts, we at least can know this: they seem quite tasty. It's certainly a creative approach, especially with this new mix and match feature, and it'll appeal to lots of people looking for that magical "sparkle" that makes a breakfast or sweet snack even sweeter.