Sugar Cookie Pop-Tarts Arrive on Shelves Soon

Grab a box if you see one. These won't last long.

If you can't resist a warm, flaky Pop-Tart in the morning, this might be your lucky day. (And likely not alone, here.)

Kellogg's just announced they're releasing two new Pop-Tart flavors for the holiday season, and they sound absolutely amazing.

What are these festive treats named? Elf on the Shelf and Sugar Cookie.

Pop-Tarts Sugar Cookie
Photo: Pop-Tarts.

Instagrammer @markie_devo found a box of the beloved Sugar Cookie Pop-Tarts (which were released during a previous holiday season) at a Target in Pennsylvania. But this box seems to have a "facelift" from the previous version, he wrote, adding that the deer is "looking pretty swole."

What the cover reveals is that the Sugar Cookie Pop-Tarts are now made with a printed feature so you can mix and match designs to create your own favorite holiday character combo. Get those creative juices flowing before digging in — and of course, post your favorite on Instagram.

The Elf on the Shelf Pop-Tarts feature frosted "Blueberrific," frosted "Strawberrylicious" and frosted "Brown Sugar Cinnamazing." Each flavor has a coloring book back panel that will form one full picture when you collect all three flavors, too.

Pop-Tarts Elf on the Shelf
Photo: Pop-Tarts.

Elf on the Shelf Pop-Tarts will be available for a limited time at a few locations: Harris Teeter, Albertson's (Texas & Seattle), Shoprite, Hannaford, Demoulas/Market Basket, Associated Wholesale Grocers, Ahold/Delhaize, Shnuck's, and Southeastern Grocers, the company said in a statement.

In the meantime, there's no reason you can't just enjoy plain ol' Pop-Tarts (the Chocolate Fudge is the best, yes?) while you wait.

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