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Take your next summer backyard party up a notch by whipping up individual-sized pizzas on the grill. Pies on the grill make for a fun and delicious way to take it outside, and by offering up a variety of toppings, everyone gets to "order" their favorite.

Check out helpful tips for grilling pizza, then get cooking with our party and recipe ideas below. No fancy backyard pizza oven required!

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Preparing the Basics: Pizza Dough and Sauces

Make the pizza dough and pizza sauce the day before, and be sure to make each pie a single-serving size--they're easier to work with on the grill, and fun to personalize.

We've gathered some of our most popular pizza crust and pizza sauce recipes here:

Toppings for Everyone

Chop and slice a handful of the standard crowd-pleasing toppings like mushrooms, bell peppers, black olives, pepperoni, and sausage, or check out some of these pizza recipes for some ingredient combo inspiration:


Tips for Setting Up a Grilled Pizza Party

Things move fast once you start grilling--the pizza dough is ready in just a few minutes--so before you start cooking, make sure your pizza station is prepped.

  • Make sure you have a surface near the BBQ where you can place pre-made pizza dough crusts. Grill two to four at a time, depending on how large your grill is.
  • Set up a DIY toppings bar. Arrange all your toppings in individual bowls, then have more small empty bowls that guests can use to put their chosen toppings in. (They will be topping their crusts while on the grill, so they'll need something that's easy to access when it's their turn.)
  • Make sure dinner plates are big enough to handle the pizzas. If you have a big enough cutting board, you can slice the pies before you serve 'em up.

Watch this video for Pizza on the Grill to see how to make herbed pizza crust and how to shape and grill it.

If you don't want to make your own pizza dough, these grilled pizza recipes all start with ready-made refrigerated pizza dough to speed things up:

Don't Forget Dessert

Stay in outdoor cooking mode for some post-pizza, backyard eats that'll satisfy your sweet tooth:

peanut butter cup s'more
Try this recipe: A Peanutty S'More | Photo by KGora
| Credit: KGora

More recipes to try:

Find more ideas and inspiration in our collection of pizza recipes.